Venelina guarantees the quality and service of its furniture. We strive to deliver perfect products, but something can go wrong of course. We will be happy to resolve the problem for you.

Should you need to claim against the guarantee despite all the care we take, or want to make a service request? Please contact your Venelina dealer that concluded the agreement or call us on +359 888 23 02 23


Your valuable Venelina furniture will remain beautiful for longer when you take appropriate care of it. Want to know all about daily maintenance, spring cleaning and what you should do in the case of minor accidents? Leather is a natural product and the right care is very important. Wipe up split liquids immediately using a cotton cloth so moisture has no chance to penetrate the leather. Never place leather furniture in direct sunlight. The leather may dry out or discolor. Never place you leather furniture too close to a stove, fireplace or radiator. The leather may dry out in placed and shrink, which can cause cracks.

Venelina selects its fabrics with care, and with the right care from you they will remain lovely for years. Any fabric can discolor under the influence of light. Brightly colored and dark fabrics suffer the most. For that reason, try to avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. Furniture fabrics with natural fibers, and especially woolen fabrics, also appreciate the right humidity (50-60%)

Do not let children play on your furniture with their shoes on. Buckles and heels can cause permanent damage to the fabric. Do not let pets lie on your furniture or scratch on the covering.

Particles of dirt on coverings are practically invisible but they will damage the fabric. So vacuum clean your furniture once a week with a duster.

How to Care for Dry Wood Furniture

Frequent dusting of your furniture will help maintain the lustre of both oil and lacquer finishes. Use a dry, soft cotton cloth.Use common sense and don't place wet or hot objects on your wooden furniture. Use trivets and coasters to prevent damage, and wipe up spills promptly.

If you leave objects such as candleholders or vases on an uncovered wood surface, rotate them regularly to prevent dark or light spots.

Besides frequent dusting, we recommend you re-wax your oil/wax furniture with paste wax every six months to a year, depending on how much wear the furniture receives.



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