Venelina LTD is a young company founded in 1990. Since the beginning, the company has demonstrated its interest in manufacturing of tube tables, stools and sofas for the local market. Few years later the company has been expanding its range with complete furnishing solutions: chairs, tables, furniture, beds, sofas, furnishing and decorative accessories. Metal is no longer the main material by which Venelina measures its vocation to innovation, the company has begun also to work in wood, textile, leather and glass. Venelina has proved its innovative and adventurous character breaking into international markets and becoming an ambassador of all the values which constitute.

The quality of the products is in keeping with the tradition of Venelina-makers which have created interiors to suit every need. This tradition is imbued in every product and detail, and breathes life into classic, elegant and unique furniture pieces.
Our collections embody the tradition of the hallmark and are created to satisfy every taste and form requirement while consistently maintaining an eye for detail and innovation.

Passion for creation since 1990.

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